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Draft Inducer for Fireplace and Oven Exhaust Systems

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Quickdraft pioneered the use of Venturi Technology with the development of a mechanical draft inducer as part of a full range of exhaust systems. Intended for hotels and high end homes, our industrial fireplace exhaust systems include draft inducers that create an instant, reliable draft for all types of combustion equipment. Draft inducers are used as an integral part of an exhaust system to vent the products of combustion from gas or wood fireplaces and wood fired ovens.  By creating the most favorable conditions for combustion, the draft inducers increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and enhance clean burning. 

A basic Quickdraft mechanical draft inducer for a commercial or high end fireplace typically starts at $2,000.

It provides a customized solution for the following circumstances:

  • Chimney flues that are too small, too short, or cold at start up
  • Flues that are too large causing excessive cooling
  • Flues with long horizontal runs or have too many elbows
  • Excessive smoke leakage around clean-out doors, inspection doors and burner entry port
  • Negative building pressure
  • Excessive soot buildup in flue


  • Eliminate exhaust fan maintenance
  • Consistent, dependable exhaust
  • The units are frequently used in applications where the exhaust gas temperature may reach 2000° F 

Versatile Fireplace Exhaust Solutions

  • All models can be installed either horizontally or vertically
  • All models can be installed either in-line with the flue, or on top of the stack
  • To preserve the architectural design of a building, the eductor tube can be installed in a chimney as part of the flue rather than mounted on top of the chimney
  • Sizes are available starting at 4 inch diameter
  • Blower sizes are available starting at 1/30HP
  • The blowers can be operated at constant speed or can be remotely adjusted using a variable frequency drive controller 

Maintenance Friendly

  • All moving parts are external to the exhausted gas and are unaffected by smoke, creosote, high temperatures, abrasive ash or other adverse factors that are typically detrimental to an in-line exhaust fan
  • No build up of soot on blower wheel
  • There are no motors, impellers, bearings or shafts in the exhaust airstream
  • The equipment in the exhaust flow path is constructed from 304, 309 or 316 stainless steel
  • Direct drive blowers are supplied. No belts or bearings to replace
  • The blower is directly connected to the Venturi tube
  • The blower can be located remotely
  • Simple installation

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