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Case Study: Cargill Meat Solutions Cold Weather Beef Processing Case Study




“Overall, the system was has been an excellent solution to our three problems…we are very happy with the equipment and the expertise that was brought to the table by Quickdraft.”—Cargill Meat Solutions


Cargill Meat Solutions is a large beef processor with multiple locations throughout North America. One particular processing facility located in the far North employs over 2,000 people and processes thousands of cattle every day, so efficient exhaust and filtration systems are a must to keep this plant running.


At this facility, temperatures drop well below zero in the winter. This bitter cold caused several problems for the client’s cryogenic meat mixer exhaust system, including fog from the mixer exhaust that would drift over nearby roads and cause dangerous driving conditions.

Additionally, the old exhaust system’s fan impeller was located in the extremely cold air stream of the exhauster, and would often freeze leading to production down time. Finally, the existing system allowed meat particles and pieces to be blown on to the roof. In cold weather, these particulates caused problematic cleanup issues, while warmer weather brought on a whole different set of problems, like heavy odors.


Our first step was to design, build and install a more efficient exhaust system with no moving parts in the cryogenic exhaust air stream.  Our Venturi Exhauster met that need.  We included a Velocity Reduction Chamber to allow any stray meat particulate to be collected in a contained space instead of being released on to the roof.

The Velocity Reduction Chamber is located inside so clean up doesn’t require a frigid trip to the roof. Operators are able to easily clean out any particulate in a room adjacent to the line. We insulated the exhaust ducting so that it would work properly even in subzero temperatures. Finally, we added a large stack to the whole system so fog is dispersed before becoming a hazard on the road.


Cargill is extremely happy with the new system’s performance. They had some initial freezing when the system was installed, but our experts were able to correct this issue quickly and our client is pleased with the results of this custom designed system.

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