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Conveyor Solutions: Benefits of a Quickdraft Venturi Powered Pneumatic Food Conveying System

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In the food processing industry, the ability to convey food quickly, efficiently and safely is essential to remain competitive. A reliable system with minimal downtime is critically important.

Quickdraft designs and manufactures pneumatic conveying and exhaust systems using Venturi technology. Designed for optimum performance, Venturi technology, named after Italian physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi (1746-1822), is the most efficient way to convey food products without any moving parts in the conveying duct.

Powered by a high pressure blower with the motor outside of the conveying duct, the Venturi’s unique tapered design causes an increase in the blower air velocity as it travels through the venturi nozzle gap.  The high velocity blower air pulls air into  the conveying duct, with sufficient speed to capture and convey food material through the system with ease. These systems are designed to operate continuously, 24/7.

Venturi powered conveying systems are flexible enough to be used for poultry processing, fruits and vegetables, snack foods, and more.

Air pressure and velocity can be adjusted to accommodate the size and mass flow rate of the product being conveyed as well as the length of the system.

Additionally, the blower resides outside of the conveying system, so the conveyed material never comes into contact with the blower. This design improves food safety, but also makes the system nearly maintenance free.

Following are the benefits of a Venturi powered pneumatic food conveying system over other systems:

  • Systems are designed and constructed specifically for each application
  • Systems are flexible enough to accommodate everything from feathers to whole chickens
  • No moving components in the air stream
  • Pneumatic conveying minimizes product damage
  • Easy “break apart” components for cleaning
  • Eliminates cart traffic, increasing food safety
  • No operator interaction with material
  • Eliminates mechanical conveyors

From speed to safety to system flexibility, the Venturi-powered pneumatic food conveying system provides a reliable, efficient conveying solution for food processing facilities

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