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Ideal Food Industry Applications for Venturi Conveying Systems

When food safety is a top concern in a processing facility, the inherent food-safe design and easy cleaning of a Venturi powered conveying system makes it an ideal choice for both edible and inedible applications. 

Venturi conveying systems in a food application setting are ideal for:

  • Poultry processing
  • Beef/pork processing
  • Seafood processing
  • Baked goods
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Prepared/Snack foods

Both edible and inedible products are suitable for Venturi Powered Pneumatic Conveying Systems. Products including large or small intestines, kidneys, head meat, tongues, livers, complete gut sacks / viscera, feathers, feet and even whole chickens, are an excellent fit for Venturi Technology.

Quickdraft’s pneumatic material conveying system features all-stainless steel tubing, food grade clamps, “break apart” design for easy access and cleaning, and moving parts outside of the material stream.  System design is flexible so that conveying tubing can be placed out of the way to keep the processing facility floor as clear as possible.

In addition, this system focuses on simplicity. Ease of operation, cleaning, and maintenance are convenient features that make this system unique and perfect for food conveying. There are no valves, dampers or canisters to malfunction or to be maintained.

As a result, the system has fewer harborage points for bacteria growth and easier access for cleaning and inspection.

Dietz & Watson, a manufacturer of high quality meat products, realized this when they decided to upgrade their food processing facility. They needed a food-safe, trouble-free casing removal system that would also be able to maintain maximum production. A pneumatic conveying system was the answer – providing a faster, cleaner, more reliable option than traditional conveying methods. As an added bonus, Quickdraft was able to train line operators on the new system in only four hours.

When your facility needs to meet stringent sanitary requirements, choose a system that’s flexible, simplistic, and inherently food-safe in design. A Venturi-powered system is the answer for both edible and inedible conveying. Contact Quickdraft for more information about your specific application.

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