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Beyond "Good Customer Service"

Published: Dec 22 2016

Quickdraft LogoWe’re always telling our customers that they matter to us. That’s why it’s important that we create relationships first, then customize solutions based on needs. In fact, one could say that “good customer service” is simply a starting point at Quickdraft.

To be fair, lots of companies talk about providing this level of care for customers. But we are proud to say that during this holiday season, we showed that our core philosophy of caring extends beyond our business and actually permeates everything we do.

For close to twenty years, we’ve received deliveries weekly from the same vendor. Of course, over the course of two decades, we’ve learned a lot about this man. He’s a single dad. He has a pre-teen son. He loves his job.

Earlier this year, we learned this man was diagnosed with cancer. Yet, as often as he could, he continued to work during his treatment.

Yet through it all, this man has had the best attitude, no matter what. He never complained, and simply did his best to make sure we were happy with his service.

Then we learned that a few weeks ago he was injured and needed surgery. The recovery time would mean he’d have to miss work for six to ten weeks.

That’s when Kathy Omicinski demonstrated the Quickdraft spirit of caring and brought the whole company together to make Christmas a wonderful time for this man and his son. Inspired by her leadership, we all pitched in and gave what we could, and were able to present this man's boss with a sizeable monetary donation that he received just in time for the holiday.

Following Kathy’s initiative to give to this man and his family was an easy decision for all of us. You might want to call it “going above and beyond,” but we just like to think that we take a lot of pride in taking care of people, whether they’re a customer or not.

So we want to extend a big thanks to the whole Quickdraft family for the way they gave so selflessly this holiday season. We also want to thank our customers for allowing us to do what we do.

And most of all, we want to wish you all a very warm and happy holiday with family and friends. We are looking forward to seeing how we can better serve you in the new year.

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