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Pneumatic Casing Removal Systems




The Quickdraft casing removal system captures and pneumatically conveys scrap casings from your peelers and continuously discharges them to a compactor or waste container. The system incorporates design principles that address concerns that are paramount to the food processing industry such as food safety and cleaning, production reliability and maintenance friendly operations.

Food Safety and Cleaning

  • Scrap casings are immediately conveyed out of the RTE area to a compactor typically located outside of the building.
  • The system captures and conveys the steam from the peeler and any particulate that is on the casing. This minimizes condensation of the steam which is a potential for bacteria growth.
  • There are no moving parts that come into contact with the scrap providing for a clean flow path without obstructions.
  • The blower is located out of the conveying air stream so that cleaning solutions can be pulled through the conveying duct during cleaning shifts.
  • A safety gate valve is located near the end of the system. The negative pressure (suction) is monitored, and if the suction drops too low the gate valve closes so that air and bacteria from the outside cannot come back through the system ducting.
  • The safety gate valve allows for sanitizing the system using low pressure steam or plant CIP systems.
  • The system eliminates the use of carts or canisters. There is no operator interface required to empty carts or canisters full of scrap casings, which eliminates the potential for carrying harmful pathogens from the outside back into the RTE area.

Production Reliable

  • The Quickdraft casing removal system improves production uptime vs. canister systems or other types of casing collection.
  • With canister systems, peelers must be shut down while the canister is emptied and production is often interrupted while operators transport casing to the compactor area. The Quickdraft casing removal system removes casings without operator involvement.
  • Our system is extremely reliable because there are no moving components in the conveying path. Lost production due to equipment failure is extremely rare.
  • Quickdraft follows peeler manufacturer guidelines for system suction and air flow so production downtime associated with inadequate casing removal from the product is eliminated.
  • Installed back up blowers are offered for additional protection against production loss.
  • Major system components are located outside of the work area so no production floor space is needed.
  • Noise producing components are outside of the operating spaces improving operator working conditions.

Maintenance Friendly Casing Removal System

  • The Quickdraft casing removal system has no moving components in the conveying path. There is no rotating impeller, no actuating valves or dampers and no in line cutters.
  • The system blower is a direct drive unit that never sees any product or greasy air. The blower is usually located outside the building and it stays clean during typical operations.
  • The air/material separator removes the casings from the conveying air without the use of valves, air locks or other moving components.
  • Automated cleaning systems for the Venturi Nozzle and Air Separator are provided to maintain system performance

File Downloads

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    2. Food Industry Pneumatic Systems
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