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Manufacturing Capabilities

Quickdraft’s 58,000 square foot manufacturing facility was designed and organized for lean manufacturing. We specialize in the fabrication of equipment made of carbon and stainless steel.

The addition of TruLaser 1030, a fabrication laser, has sliced Quickdraft’s cutting time in half, reducing customer cost and further improving delivery lead times. Using the laser to cut un-foldable 3D AutoCAD Inventor® modeled components achieves these time and cost savings through eliminating the need for labor, parts cleanup and the inclusion of computer-generated layout markings on the parts.

Manufactured by TRUMPF, the laser cuts through 16 mm mild steel, 8 mm stainless steel and 6 mm aluminum (X axis, 3000mm; Y axis, 1500mm; Z axis, 75 mm; maximum work piece weight is 575 kg). It has the ability to cut any shape, and allows jobs to move directly from cutting to welding.

Quickdraft’s welding personnel are certified in AWS D1.1-2004 structural steel and AWS D18.1-99 stainless sanitary. Thorough cross training of shop personnel is a critical component of Quickdraft’s manufacturing capabilities. It allows us to simultaneously manage the fabrication of multiple orders, regardless of size, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Control of our own manufacturing and significant investment in supporting technology allows our skilled fabricators to deliver our high quality equipment on a timely basis.

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