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Cryogenic Exhaust Systems for Food Handling



The Quickdraft Venturi exhauster is an excellent solution for cryogenic exhaust applications. We have supplied numerous Venturi exhausters venting Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide gases having temperatures as low as –250°F (-156°C). Our Venturi exhauster eliminates problems experienced with in-line exhaust fans such as ice build-up on the impeller, which leads to lost productivity. Our Exhauster is a Venturi design. The exhaust gas is pulled into and through our eductor tube (Venturi) which has an unobstructedflow path. The fan assembly is completely out of the exhaust air stream. Our food exhaust systems incorporate design principles that address concerns that are vital to the food processing industry such as Production Reliable and Maintenance Friendly operations.

Production Reliable

  • Reduce down time and lost production by eliminating fan failure due to freezing
  • The blower is located outside the building and it stays clean during typical operations because the blower only handles ambient air
  • The blower can be controlled with a variable frequency controller to increase or decrease the amount of induced airflow from the freezing tunnel based on the application or production requirements
  • The Venturi exhauster provides more consistent exhaust flow versus in line exhaust fans
  • Our exhauster minimizes the use of expensive conditioned air used to prevent in-line fans from freezing
  • Heat tracing of the stack is available to prevent freezing in any offsets
  • Complete engineered exhaust systems with ducting and engineered drawings are available

Cryogenic Exhaust System

Maintenance Friendly

  • There are no moving parts that come into contact with the Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide vapors, eliminating ice build up on the impeller typical with inline fans
  • There are no motors, drives, bearings or shafts in the exhaust airstream
  • The equipment in the flow path is constructed from 304 stainless steel
  • The blower is direct drive and is directly connected to the Venturi tube
  • The blower can be installed in a location remote from the exhaust stack
  • Simple installation
  • Eliminates frequent motor replacement due to wheel binding
  • Eliminates the need to go up on the roof in -20° weather and gale force winds to pound on the fan with a hammer to dislodge ice

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    2. Exhaust Filtration Systems
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