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Edible and Inedible Food Conveying






Quickdraft Venturi Technology has proven to be an excellent fit for many edible and inedible food conveying applications. Our systems can be used to convey intestines (large or small for casing collection), complete gut sacks, various cuttings from the processing floor (kidneys, cheek meat, etc.), skin and fat trimmings, hair, feathers, feet, chicken pieces, whole chickens, etc. Our food conveying system design is focused on food safety with break-apart components for easy inspection and elimination of horizontal surfaces and harborage points. The systems provide numerous benefits versus traditional methods of conveying including improvements to food safety, ease of cleaning, reduction in water use, increased production reliability and ease of maintenance.

Food Conveying Safety and Cleaning

  • Edible product is quickly and efficiently conveyed between processing areas without operator interface and at production rates
  • Inedible product is quickly conveyed to a compactor or offal trailer typically located outside of the building
  • There are no moving parts that come into contact with the product providing for a clean flow path without obstructions
  • The blower is located out of the conveying air stream so that cleaning solutions can be pulled through the conveying duct during cleaning shifts
  • The system can be supplied with a break-apart venturi, which allows for inspections and thorough cleaning inside of the Quickdraft eductor unit
  • The system eliminates the use of carts or canisters. There is no operator interface required to empty carts or canisters full of edible or inedible product, eliminating the potential for carrying harmful pathogens from one area to another
  • Typically only small amounts of water are required as a lubricant for the material. This is in contrast to the large amounts of water needed to sluice material from one point to another
  • There are no filters in line with the conveying air stream which need to be replaced or cleaned
  • A safety gate valve is located near the end of the system. The negative pressure (suction) is monitored, and if the suction drops too low the gate valve closes so that air and bacteria from the outside cannot come back through the system ducting

Production Reliability

  • The Quickdraft System greatly improves production uptime vs. canister type systems
  • The Quickdraft system operates continuously. There is no need to shut the system down to empty out a canister full of product
  • The Quickdraft system is extremely reliable, since there are no moving parts in the material flow path. Lost production due to blower failure is extremely rare
  • Automated cleaning systems for the eductor unit and the air/material separator can be provided to maintain the system integrity
  • Back-up blowers can be provided for additional protection against loss of production
  • High maintenance and downtime associated with the use of canisters is eliminated
  • Compressed air is not required
  • Reduction in water use

Maintenance Friendly Food Conveying

  • The Quickdraft food conveying system has no moving parts in the material flow path; therefore, the equipment does not see the wear and tear from the conveyed material.
  • The blower assembly is a direct drive unit that does not come into contact with any material. The blower is typically located out of the production area and stays clean during normal operations.
  • The sanitary cyclone air/material separator removes the conveying air from the product without the use of rotary valves, air locks or other moving components.
  • There are no filters in line with the conveying air stream which need to be replaced or cleaned
  • Simplicity of design keeps maintenance to a minimum as compared to mechanical conveyor and canister vacuum type equipment

File Downloads

  1. PDFs:
    1. Casing Removal Conveying System
    2. Food Industry Pneumatic Systems
    3. Sistemas neumáticos de transporte de materiales para la industria alimentaria
    4. 食品工业气动原料输送系统
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