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Fiberglass Conveying Systems

Quickdraft pneumatic material conveying systems are used extensively in the fiberglass industry. Fiberglass is an extremely challenging application because of its hostile characteristics including abrasive properties, a high propensity for static and heavy dust loading. The Quickdraft Venturi eductor unit is the perfect way to successfully address these problems. 

Quickdraft uses Venturi Technology to convey the fiberglass edge trim in a continuous ribbon. The Quickdraft eductor unit is a Venturi design with an unobstructed flow path and is ideal for conveying continuous edge trims. Conveying the trim as continuous ribbons eliminates maintenance costs associated with chopping the trim, reduces dust generation, improves operator working conditions, minimizes the effects of static electricity and simplifies separating the material from the conveying air. Quickdraft pneumatic material conveying systems are specifically designed and selected to match each customer’s requirements, product type, and to minimize energy consumption.  

Versatility of Quickdraft's Fiberglass Conveying Solutions

  • Flexible blower location
  • Intake ducts can be stainless steel flexible duct, abrasion resistant pivoting double knuckle assemblies, or abrasion resistant telescoping tube assemblies
  • A diverter valve can be incorporated into the system design to allow one system to convey the material to either a baler or a compactor
  • System blowers can be located remotely or even outside to remove the noise source from the operating floor
  • A full range of ancillary equipment is available including silencers, sound enclosures, balers, compactors and controls
  • Dust collection systems are available to allow conveying air to be discharged outside or returned to the operating floor without environmental, worker or product quality impact
  •  Accessories are available to address problems with static electricity
  • Flexible payment terms and financing options are available 

Production Reliable

  • Maximum line speed at all trim widths and at all thicknesses
  • Systems are guaranteed to perform as specified
  • Consistent dependable operation
  • Built for industrial environments and designed for 24/7 operation. Our systems have less downtime and last longer
  • Built for your specific requirements to ensure success. No “pre-packaged” solutions that may not fit your application
  • Designed for maximum simplicity and minimal operator interaction
  • Attention to detail means every aspect of your system is designed for success down to the ducting and clean-out doors (no leading edges, no snag points)
  • Eductor Units and blowers are performance tested prior to shipment
  • Systems can be tested in our facility with your material prior to shipment
  • With our own factory, we control the quality of components leaving our facility

Maintenance Friendly

  • No moving parts in contact with the material
  • No moving parts internal to the eductor
  • Elimination of moving components in the material flow path means elimination of most maintenance problems
  • Minimal preventative maintenance is required for reliable operation
  • Detailed maintenance manuals are provided
  • Systems are designed to allow proper maintenance access for critical components
  • Durable construction means a system that requires less attention from the maintenance staff
  • The eductor tube is constructed of materials specifically selected to provide superior wear resistance (abrasion resistant steel and a chrome plated nozzle)
  • Other items that are prone to wear (y-connectors, elbows, separators) are constructed of heavy gauge abrasion resistant steel to provide the greatest service life possible
  • Straight conveying ducts can be provided in heavy gauge steel to also provide the greatest service life possible
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