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Food Conveying and Exhaust Challenges

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Food processing presents numerous challenges to the food industry, including installing the right equipment to convey food and food processing waste safely,  and efficiently. In addition, the exhaust in certain food further processing applications can create production and environmental problems that must be addressed.

Conveying Challenges

The name of the game with food conveying is to maintain the highest possible food safety standards, while simultaneously ensuring maximum plant efficiency and without damaging the conveyed material.

While traditional mechanical conveyors and pumps present a variety of challenges for processors, from difficult-to-clean belts to potential for bacteria harborage to decreased efficiency, a Venturi powered pneumatic system greatly reduces these concerns.

Pneumatic systems are ideal for safely and quickly conveying food and food processing waste in facilities working with meat, poultry, seafood, baked goods, snacks, and more, thanks to these unique features:

  • Sanitary design
  • Food safety features
  • No operator contact with material
  • Automated cleaning systems
  • Reduction in cart traffic
  • Maintenance friendly – No moving components in the conveying path
  • Elimination of mechanical conveyors and pumps

Exhaust Challenges

Similarly, further processing exhaust applications can present challenges related to exhaust fan failure (from grease, oil or ice build up) and housekeeping, environmental and food safety problems from material build up on the roof. Quickdraft Venturi Exhaust Systems have no moving parts in the air stream, and the fan only injects uncontaminated air, resulting in reliable, consistent, highly controllable exhaust.

In addition, a Demister Exhaust Filtration System can be used to collect grease and oil from the exhaust air. The Demister features centrifugal, wet scrubber and filter pad separation and the internal spray nozzles provide a self-cleaning action.

In addition, a Quickdraft Venturi Exhaust Systems offers these advantages:

  • Eliminates damaging grease and oil accumulation on the roof
  • No moving components; easy to maintain
  • Precise exhaust control possible using variable frequency drives
  • Exhaust volume is consistent over time
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Excellent for Cryogenic Exhaust Applications where ice buildup on in line impellers is a typical problem

At Quickdraft, we understand the challenges associated with food industry material conveying and process exhaust applications. We’ll work with you to create a system that addresses these challenges and is ideally suited for your unique food processing environment.

From chicken parts to pizza toppings to pre-cooked bacon, we have a solution for your material conveying and exhaust problems. Fill out the form on the right to learn more.

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