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Case Study: Meat Processing Exhaust Solution





Our client, a leading meat processing company, has worked with us many times over the years to solve exhaust problems throughout their numerous production facilities. We have provided several Venturi Exhausters and Exhaust Filtration Systems to help keep their production running smoothly.   A production line in one location began giving them trouble when a competitor’s system proved ineffective and costly to maintain.


This existing production line needed more than just a way to exhaust steam and particulates, as the older system had been doing. After dealing with the messy, difficult to access, maintenance intensive filtration system located on the roof of the facility, the client needed a more reliable and efficient solution to filter grease from its ovens. Plus, our client had started receiving complaints from neighbors because of the heavy grease odor and needed to act quickly to keep their community happy.


We custom-designed, built and installed three systems for our client: one for a large fryer and one for each of two large oven sections. Each system contains a Venturi Exhauster, a Demister Filtration System and a Carbon Secondary Filter for odor reduction.  The systems also included Water Recirculation Systems to increase filtration efficiency, reduce maintenance and reduce water usage from the system. We moved the Filtration equipment off the roof and located it inside for easy access and upkeep.


Our client experienced immediate results with their new system. First, there was no need for maintenance workers to go up on the roof. In addition, they noticed significant reductions in grease deposits on the roof and water usage. Finally, and most importantly, complaints about odor ceased from the neighbors.

Our client continues to be pleased with our work and often call on us for additional custom exhaust and filtration systems for their meat processing needs.

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