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Microwave Oven Exhaust and Exhaust Filtration Systems






Quickdraft is the preferred manufacturer for industrial microwave oven exhaust and exhaust filtration systems, particularly in the area of pre-cooked bacon production. The Quickdraft exhaust system has unique, proven advantages versus other exhaust systems that make it the best choice for your microwave oven application. Quickdraft exhaust and exhaust filtration systems provide consistent, highly controllable exhaust that will maximize production and increase product yield. In addition, the greasy exhaust air is filtered preventing grease discharge on to your roof. Our systems can be retrofitted on to ovens without exhaust, can replace existing systems or can be specified to your oven manufacturer. 

Quickdraft uses Venturi Technology to provide the motive force for the exhaust air flow. The Quickdraft Venturi exhauster unit has an unobstructed exhaust flow path that is ideal for exhaust air streams containing grease, oil or other materials. The use of the Venturi eliminates the typical high maintenance, downtime and irregular exhaust flow associated with conventional in-line exhaust fans. Quickdraft equipment is specifically designed and selected to match each customer’s exhaust requirements and to minimize energy consumption.

The Quickdraft demister vessel is used as the filtration device for the oven exhaust. The demister uses a three-stage process to remove grease and oil from the exhaust air. First, the air is discharged tangentially down into a larger vessel resulting in lower air speeds causing the larger particles to fall out of the exhaust air. The exhaust air is forced to turn up through the demister vessel, further causing the grease to fall out against the vessel sides and bottom. Second, we use water spray showers in the demister vessel body to “scrub” the airflow of grease and oil. Finally, we have incorporated a specially designed demister filter to capture as much of the remaining grease and oil as possible. There are no moving components in the demister vessel and the filtered material is continuously washed from the vessel by the water flow. The demister filter is continuously sprayed with water to keep it free from grease build up. 

Production Reliable

  • No moving components in the exhaust air stream results in minimal system downtime for maintenance or system failure
  • Oven zone connections equipped with balancing valves for optimal moisture removal to achieve the desired yield
  • Exhaust remains consistent over time unlike In-Line Exhaust Fans which build up grease and lose performance
  • Moisture is removed from the oven at the correct rate to reduce damaging “arcing”
  • Proper exhaust flow often results in significant increases in production yield for ovens that are retrofitted with Quickdraft exhaust systems (10 to 15% production increase reported by our customers)
  • Material filtered from the exhaust air stream is continuously removed from the demister vessel by the water flow so no downtime is required to empty or clean the filtration system
  • Variable frequency drive control of the exhaust blower results in highly controllable exhaust air flows for different product or oven conditions
  • Variable frequency drive control is available resulting in minimal horsepower usage for the effective exhaust air volume
  • Exhaust flow volumes are guaranteed
  • Systems are designed for particular exhaust contaminate and temperature
  • Complete engineered systems with exhaust ducting and controls are available from Quickdraft


  • Flexible duct routing and equipment location
  • Blower and Venturi are typically roof mounted
  • Demister filtration system can be next to the oven, in another room or on a different floor or mezzanine
  • Variable frequency drive control and balancing dampers allows for multiple product or cooking conditions
  • Existing ovens can be retrofitted with the Quickdraft exhaust systems
  • The demister pad filter is designed for your particular process and exhaust contaminant

Maintenance Friendly

  • No moving parts in the exhaust flow path results in a system that is easy to maintain 
  • Fan balancing problems are eliminated as there is no material build up on the blower wheel
  • Direct drive blowers are more reliable and require less maintenance than belt driven units
  • System is constructed for industrial environments and for 24/7 operation
  • Systems are designed for maintenance access to critical components
  • Demister filtration system has no moving components 
  • Demister filtration system filter pad has a spray shower for continuous cleaning in place, and filters are mounted in a tray for easy removal and handling
  • Filtration system prevents grease build up on the roof eliminating time consuming and costly cleaning 
  • Filtration system prevents grease build up on the roof eliminating roof damage and costly roof replacement
  • Exhaust flow path, except filter media, is all 304SS construction

File Downloads

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    2. Exhaust Filtration Systems
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