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Perchloric Acid Fume Hood Exhaust Systems

Perchloric acid fumes can be vented safely and efficiently by specifically designed Quickdraft Venturi exhausters.

Our units have been used for more than 50 years in perchloric acid exhaust systems. 

Our exhauster is a Venturi design. The fumes are pulled into and through our Venturi. The Venturi has an unobstructed exhaust flow path and the motor and blower assembly is completely out of the exhaust air stream. There are no moving parts internal to the Venturi. Building on our experience with a full line of exhaust systems, our solution provides excellent service life with virtually no maintenance. 

The exhaust air and fumes are diluted with outside air from the blower as the exhaust air passes through the Venturi. The diluted exhaust air and fumes are accelerated vertically to atmosphere which minimizes any settling of the fumes back onto the roof. 

An additional benefit of our Venturi exhauster is the “centering phenomenon” created by the unique and patented nozzle design of the Venturi which causes the exhaust air and fumes being exhausted to remain mostly in the center of the unit as the exhaust air passes through the Venturi, thus reducing the corrosive effect of the fumes and vapors on the metal. 


Dependable Perchloric Acid Fume Hood Exhaust Systems

  • Eliminate exhaust fan maintenance
  • Consistent, dependable exhaust
  • Excellent service life


  • The blower can be directly coupled to the Venturi, or located remotely
  • The blowers can be operated at constant speed or can be adjusted remotely using a variable frequency drive controller

Maintenance Friendly

  • There are no motors, impellers, bearings or shafts in the exhaust airstream
  • Direct drive blowers are supplied. No belts or bearings to replace
  • Simple installation
  • All moving parts are external to the exhausted air and fumes
  • Vibration problems common with an in-line exhaust fan are eliminated


  • The Venturi is constructed of 316L stainless steel with 316L stainless steel flanges
  • Seams are welded airtight and ground smooth to deter material build-up
  • A 316L stainless steel spray shower is mounted integral to the Venturi
  • Water is recommended to be sprayed internally through the shower assembly to wash the inside surfaces of the Venturi and the exhaust stack
  • A ¾ inch pipe coupling is mounted external to the Venturi for supply line connection
  • The Venturi is provided with an integral plenum reservoir (side drain ports) that permit water sprayed in the Venturi to drain down to the exhaust stack and down to the hood
  • The components out of the exhaust flow path (motor and blower assembly, weather cover for the blower, blower discharge damper) are constructed of standard materials (carbon steel or aluminized steel) with a polyurethane coating on the exterior surfaces

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