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Recycling Center Conveying Systems

Quickdraft pneumatic material conveying systems are used in a variety of recycling applications. Our pick and feed systems can be used to convey empty plastic grocery bags, trash bags, cans, plastic bottles, and/or gallon milk jugs that will be deposited into a collection container.  Our experience in these varied applications provides the ability to develop unique, dependable conveying solutions for our customers.


Quickdraft uses Venturi Technology to convey the material. As a result, the material does not pass through any moving components and the systems are extremely maintenance friendly and production reliable. Quickdraft is the dependable, maintenance-free way to get the job done.


Versatile Recycling Conveying Solutions

  • Wide range of blower combinations
  • Conveying distances from a few feet to hundreds of feet
  • System blowers can be located remotely or even outside to remove the noise source from the operating floor
  • Complete line of silencers and sound enclosures are available to satisfy environmental specifications 

Production Reliable

  • Consistent, dependable operation
  • Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Long service life
  • Built for your specific requirements to ensure success. No “pre-packaged” solutions that may not fit your application
  • Designed for maximum simplicity and minimal operator interaction

Maintenance Friendly

  • No moving parts in contact with the material
  • No moving parts internal to the eductor
  • Elimination of moving components in the material flow path means elimination of most maintenance problems
  • Minimal preventative maintenance is required for reliable operation
  • Detailed maintenance manuals provided
  • Systems are designed to allow maintenance access for critical components
  • Durable construction means a system that requires less attention from the maintenance staff

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