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Sanitary Design






Sanitary design is the most important consideration in any food conveying system.

Since each Quickdraft pneumatic food conveying system is custom designed to meet your plant’s unique product needs, your system will be configured to achieve the highest sanitary standards to suit your product/process.

That’s the Quickdraft advantage – our system is flexible enough to fit your space and product, meet necessary sanitation requirements.

With Quickdraft pneumatic conveying, you can be assured that your food conveying system will include:

  • Pneumatic design for quick and consistent transport of food products
  • Blower that resides outside the conveying airstream
  • No moving parts inside the conveying stream
  • Stainless steel parts that stand up to daily sanitation using chemical solutions
  • Easy “break-apart” technology for quick and effective cleaning, including tubing, filters, top ring, cone, and more
  • Sanitary design air/material separator which removes the conveying air from the product without moving components


At Quickdraft we believe that you should not only have 100% confidence in the safety of your food conveying system, but keeping your system clean should be headache-free. We can accommodate the sanitation needs of your product/process – from Clean-in-Place to “break apart” manual cleaning.

From poultry to pork to pizza toppings, from raw foods to packaged foods, our conveying systems allow you to meet sanitation requirements with quick access to equipment and easy removal for cleaning and inspection.

Our food conveying systems are compliant with the sanitary guidelines established by the American Meat Institute.

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