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Turnkey Services

Quickdraft offers its customers more than well engineered and manufactured equipment. As a full service company, we also provide the capability for in-house product trials, system evaluations, installation supervision, and complete start up service. These services enable Quickdraft to be your turnkey supplier for all pneumatic conveying system and exhaust system needs.

Service Technician Qualifications
Our service technicians go through an extensive in-house and external training program prior to any outside service work at a customer’s location.

The in-house portion of the training includes completing quality control checks and analytical readings on our equipment when it is trialed and quality control checked prior to shipment.  This experience provides a thorough understanding of conveying line velocities, static pressures, amp readings, vibration, noise levels, including understanding their inter-relationships how they impact system performance. 

The external portion of the training program involves both formal classes and training during equipment start ups with our Service Manager.  Formal classes include vibration analysis, electrical circuit understanding/troubleshooting, air system design, among others.

System Evaluation
Quickdraft’s experienced engineering and service group is available to evaluate your existing conveying/exhaust system (Quickdraft system or others).  While at your site, we will take real time measurements of flow rates, static pressure, temperature, static electricity, etc. and discuss your desired performance criteria from the system.

Using our DuctCam we can inspect hundreds of feet of ductwork, intakes, air/material separators, etc. without incurring the expense of removing, physically inspecting and re-installing the system.  Problem areas such as leading edges in duct or receivers, adhesive build up, interior damage or other obstacles can be located and isolated with this equipment.  The inspection is videotaped and reviewed with you.

Based on the specific data taken, we will provide a thorough, written evaluation report detailing our findings and recommendations of how to achieve maximum performance and efficiency for your system.

Installation Supervision
We can arrange for qualified installers and provide the suitable supervision to insure there are no errors during this phase of a project. These services are applicable for all phases of the installation; mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and/or controls. If you should choose to contract your own installer, Quickdraft can still provide supervision as required.

Start Up
Quickdraft offers experienced start up technicians for both mechanical and electrical portions of a project. These technicians initially verify that the equipment has been installed to our specifications. They then methodically start their portion of the system up, taking readings and making settings to the critical parameters so the system will function to your design specifications. In most cases we want to run trial production at the system’s maximum and minimum limits to insure the system will perform.

Service and Maintenance Agreements
Our equipment is designed to operate 24/7 and we have a thorough understanding of the maintenance requirements needed to meet this objective.  To assist you in keeping your equipment properly maintained and in top condition, Quickdraft offers its customers service and maintenance agreements.   These include the evaluation of the components of both pneumatic conveying and exhaust systems on a periodic basis to ensure consistent optimum performance of equipment.

Product Trials
Quickdraft has invested in the appropriate in-house blower units, ductwork, eductors, receivers, controls, etc., such that we can trial many conveying/exhaust systems in our facility.  Customers can observe the trials at Quickdraft if desired or we can film the trials for further review. Product trials allow us to confirm to our customers that the key elements of a system will perform to specifications.

Fabrication Services
Our TruLaser 1030 fabrication laser, by TRUMPF, eliminates a great deal of time and waste when cutting aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel. The speed and accuracy of the laser allows for much less labor and cleanup, which means faster delivery times. TruLaser 1030 uses compressed air to cut and etch quickly and accurately. Cutting time is available, request a quote today!

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