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Tortilla, Chips, Snack Food Exhaust Systems





Tortilla, Chips, Snack FoodQuickdraft's Venturi Food Exhaust System is designed to replace in-line exhaust fans for tortilla, chip, and snack food processing. The venturi technology helps to eliminate maintenance, unstable exhaust, and downtime as a result of grease, oil, or other buildup of materials on the exhaust fan wheel.

The Quickdraft Demister Unit is designed to eliminate the buildup of oil or grease on your roof. The Demister System's process includes velocity reduction and centrifugal separation, water spray scrubbing, and demister pad filtration. The unit is self cleaning, and have no moving parts in their air stream. Carbon filter housings can be added to reduce odor emissions from exhaust systems.

"We have been really happy with the Quickdraft Demister Filtration System on our Chip Fryer. It has exceeded our expectations."

Manuel Fine Foods - Mike Torres, Vice-President

The Exhaust Systems provide solutions for:

  • Ovens
  • Fryers
  • Blanchers
  • Baking Applications
  • Mixers
  • Caustic Chemicals
  • Freezing Tunnels
  • High Temperature Applications

Venturi Exhausters:

  • Eliminate exhaust fan maintenance
  • No moving components in exhaust air stream
  • No buildup of grease, oil, ice, etc. on fan impeller
  • Variable frequency drive control
  • Exhaust volumes to 40,000 CFM
  • Consistent, dependable exhaust
  • Weather enclosure, storm shield, silencing equipment and other accessories available

Demister Exhaust Filtration Systems:

  • Filter grease, oil and other contaminates from exhaust air stream
  • Eliminate grease and oil accumulation on roof
  • Three stage filtration:
    • Centrifugal
    • Wet Scrubber
    • Demister Pad Filter
  • No moving components, easy to maintain
  • 99% efficient for particles 10 micron and greater
  • 75% efficient for 2-3 micron particulate
  • All stainless construction

File Downloads

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