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Case Study: Unique Laboratory Exhaust Solution for University in Southwest


Our client, a large university located in the Southwest region of the United States, has been educating bright students for many years. The university required a perchloric acid exhaust solution as it added greater research capabilities to its chemistry lab.


Overall, the chemistry lab needed a unique solution to exhaust dangerous fumes safely while also maintaining the integrity of the exhaust system and outdoor structure.


motor and blower assemblyOur exhauster is a Venturi design. The fumes are pulled into and through our eductor tube (Venturi) that offers a clear through flow path. The fan assembly is completely out of the flow path of the exhausted fumes. There are no moving parts internal to the eductor offering excellent service life with virtually no maintenance.

Quickdraft added an extension and a special removable spray nozzles to keep the system free of residue, thus enhancing the safety of the perchloric exhaust system. The termination of the stack had to be 20 feet above the roof which is why we added the straight extension. We added a TY stack component on the inlet of our Venturi unit to pull additional CFM into the exhaust system to obtain a total discharge airflow of at least 5000 CFM at a minimum velocity of 3000 FPM.

The hydrochloric exhaust required a special coating on the interior flow path of all ducting, since hydrochloric acid is corrosive to 316 stainless steel. The client also requested special gaskets and other components that would not erode under these extreme conditions.

Quickdraft provided a custom Venturi exhaust system with outdoor accessories and applied a polyurethane coating to all carbon or aluminized components. We also provided the roof equipment and weather protector to round out this comprehensive exhaust system.


The client has not had any issues with lab exhaust since the new system was installed. Overall maintenance is drastically reduced, and students and faculty are able to safely complete their research without any issues.


Custom Perchloric Exhaust System Project Images:

eductor tube flow path

exhaust motor and blower assembly

exhaust extensions clearing the roofline

Flow path of Eductor tube, tapered extension and two additional straight extensions, 18” diameter X 10 ft tall.

10 horsepower motor and blower assembly with silencer in black weather enclosure. The black color indicates a special polyurethane coat on all carbon steel components.

Extensions (with guy wires) clearing the top roofline to exhaust high into the atmosphere.



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