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Vacuum Transfer Table Exhaust

Those who work with precooked bacon understand that dealing with the heavy grease generated by the process is a serious concern. Quickdraft Vacuum Transfer Table Exhaust Filtration Systems have been designed to capture the large amounts of grease generated by this process, discharging clean air through the roof using our Industrial Venturi Exhauster.

Traditional vacuum transfer suction systems just blow air into a room resulting in the need for frequent cleaning and presenting safety hazards. Quickdraft Systems attached to the existing suction fan discharge and use a Velocity Reduction Chamber to catch the bulk of the grease.   If desired, the grease from the Velocity Reduction Chamber drain can be recycled.

Airborne grease and particulate then goes into our Demister Filtration System which separates the majority of the air entrained grease. The filtered exhaust air is then discharged through our roof mounted Venturi Exhauster.   

As always, Quickdraft Exhaust Systems have no moving components in the air stream, eliminating most exhaust fan maintenance. Quickdraft Exhaust Systems are especially effective for high heat, grease and oil applications; offering dependable, consistent exhaust with far less costly maintenance downtime and with increased personnel safety.

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