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Quickdraft Conveying and Exhaust Systems

Quickdraft designs and manufactures innovative pneumatic conveying systems and exhaust systems, as well as providing product support and customer service. A pioneer in the use of the venturi for conveying and exhaust applications, Quickdraft provides the highest quality systems to our customers in a wide range of industries. Thoughtful innovative design, detailed engineering, precise fabrication and responsive service add up to trouble free systems that increase our customers' bottom lines. Quickdraft conveying systems and exhaust systems are used in pulp and paper, non-wovens, film, foil, metals, food, fiberglass, plastics, rubber, loose fill packaging and converting markets.



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Pneumatic Conveying and Exhaust System Service

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Quality Since 1953Quickdraft has designed more than a hundred thousand conveying systems and exhaust systems with unparalleled experience to meet our customer’s particular system requirements and to ensure a successful system on day one. Performance GuaranteeQuickdraft always stands behind its equipment and its design.  In the rare occurrence when the system does not perform as expected, we address system shortcomings to ensure customer satisfaction. Product TestingQuickdraft has the resources to assemble and test systems before they are installed in our customer’s facility.  We have a dedicated Research and Development area and customers are encouraged to witness the testing or we can provide video documentation. Increased ProductivityQuickdraft systems are made for 24 hour a day operation and are conservatively engineered. Our systems operate without interrupting production or requiring operator interaction. Reduce MaintenanceMost Quickdraft systems have no moving components in the conveying or exhaust air stream.  The only rotating component is a blower which moves ambient air.  As a result, our systems are very maintenance friendly, consistent and dependable. Professional Service SupportQuickdraft has an experienced service team that will ensure proper start up of our customer’s systems and will provide technical support over the life of the equipment.  Service contracts are available. System EvaluationsQuickdraft Service and Engineering personnel are trained to troubleshoot and evaluate any pneumatic material conveying system or exhaust system.  We can examine duct interior surfaces without disassembly using our “DuctCam”. 3D Drawing PackagesQuickdraft provides complete and detailed drawing packages in the latest Auto-CAD version. We can provide 3D Inventor drawings for the most complete integration of our system into our customer’s facility, resulting in significant installation efficiencies. Flexible Purchasing TermsQuickdraft’s strong financial position allows us to offer favorable payment terms for qualified customers. We also offer a number of different equipment leasing plans.  Credit cards are accepted. Manufacturing CapabilitiesHighly skilled and flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to react in a timely manner to our customers’ needs and ensure the quality of our equipment.