Venturi-Powered Systems

At the very core of Quickdraft’s system offerings is its Venturi. Quickdraft developed Venturi blower technology using the Bernoulli principle, to efficiently increase air velocity and maintain vacuum pressure with no obstructions in the material conveying or exhaust flow path, providing years of reliable 24/7 operation.
Venturi Conveying
The Venturi is powered by a pressure blower, injecting air at high velocity and pressure through a plenum chamber controlled by a nozzle in the Venturi. This creates the Venturi effect and induces the flow of air upstream of the Venturi. Sufficient velocity is generated in the conveying ducts before and after the Venturi to capture and convey material in a consistent, trouble-free manner.


The blower sits outside of the conveying duct and handles ambient air. The material does not contact the blower or the rotating fan impeller. This arrangement results in a very dependable pneumatic conveying system that is virtually maintenance-free. It also allows the blower to be constructed of carbon steel, resulting in lower system costs.
  1. There are no obstructions to the material flow and all moving parts are external to the conveying ducts
  2. Little or no maintenance
  3. Consistent, dependable conveying performance
  4. Conveying duct can be thoroughly cleaned without harming the blower
  5. Designed for 24/7 operation
  6. Long service life
  7. The blower can be located remotely from the Venturi and conveying duct
  8. Sound reduction equipment available for all applications

Venturi Exhaust
Quickdraft’s Venturi Exhauster replaces traditional in-line exhaust fans in a high maintenance critical production environment. It is the right long-term solution in these situations. The use of venturi technology eliminates the impeller from the exhaust air stream; therefore eliminating maintenance, unstable exhaust and downtime typically associated with grease, oil or other material buildup on the exhaust fan wheel. Our systems can be installed with your new or
existing oven and fryer equipment.
  1. Ideal for cryogenic exhaust or very hot exhaust applications
  2. No possibility of build-up on the in-line fan wheel that may cause continuous maintenance issues or unplanned downtime
  3. Consistent, dependable exhaust performance maximizes production up time
  4. Ideal for acidic, grease-laden or particulate-laden exhaust applications

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