Demister Filtration Systems

To eliminate oil and grease buildup on your roof, our Demister Systems use a three-stage process for filtration including velocity reduction and centrifugal separation, water spray scrubbing and demister pad filtration. First, the air is discharged tangentially down into a larger vessel resulting in lower air speeds, which cause the larger particles to fall out of the exhaust air. The exhaust air is then forced to turn up through the demister vessel, which causes more grease to fall out against the vessel sides and bottom. Second, we use water spray showers in the demister vessel body to “scrub” the airflow of grease and oil. Finally, we have incorporated a specially designed demister filter to capture as much of the remaining grease and oil as possible. There are no moving components in the demister vessel and the filtered material is continuously washed from the vessel by the water flow. These units are self-cleaning and have no moving parts in the air stream.


1Weather Enclosure

2Pressure Blower

3Venturi Exhauster

4Exhaust Filtration

5Water Recirculation


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