Metals Conveying

We are proud to have over fifty Quickdraft systems in operation worldwide conveying aluminum and other metals. Our experienced engineers and designers work closely with your team to understand your unique needs and design the best possible conveying system for your specific automotive, aircraft or other recycling operation. Our sophisticated applications include the all negative system, which has all the positive attributes of our Venturi system but utilizes the minimum possible operational horsepower. So whether you’re conveying continuous metal edge trim or chopped or shredded pieces, the system provides virtually maintenance-free 24/7/365 run time.

Push Pull with Venturi System

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1Air/Material Separator

2Venturi Eductor

3Bolt-In Replaceable
Chrome Plated Nozzle

4Main & Backup Turbo Blowers

Venturi-Powered Systems

Explore the most efficient method for conveying material without moving parts.

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Engineering and Manufacturing

Learn about our engineering design, fabrication, assembly and finishing capabilities.

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