Our History

Quickdraft has more than 70 years of experience in the development of conveying and exhaust products for diverse markets, providing a range of engineering, design and manufacturing solutions to meet tough material handling and exhaust challenges.

In 1979 Quickdraft became a wholly owned subsidiary of the C.A. Litzler company. Per Matt Litzler, President and CEO, “As the company continues to grow, we’ve added new technologies and parallel businesses to serve you better, building and expanding on decades of accumulated knowledge and skill from successful projects around the world. We continually work to create the best possible solutions for our customers, working as a partner, not just a supplier. We’re here to solve your challenges, make your processes run more efficiently, and support you and your business.”

The company was founded in 1953 as Basic Improvements, Inc. in the Dueber-Hampden Watch Works building. The company focused solely on manufacturing draft control equipment.

Then in 1957, the company name was changed to Quickdraft and their line of innovative products began to include material handling systems.

The first material handling system unloaded ground cork from boxcars — reducing a task that used to take 80 hours down to 16 hours. Since that first system, Quickdraft has continued to develop new conveying and exhaust equipment to help their customers save time and money.

“Though our methods have grown and changed over the years, one thing that has remained constant is quality in people, products and services. We make long-lived, quality products and we have many return customers due to our attention to detail in engineering, design and manufacturing,” said Joe Ovnic, General Manager.

In 1961, Quickdraft moved operations to their current facility in Canton, Ohio. Additional shipping, painting and R&D facilities were added in 1986, which expanded operations to 68,000 square feet.

Quickdraft offers complete solutions backed by engineering, service and product support. Our products and services have helped industries in the manufacturing, and food processing industries.

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