Engineering and Manufacturing

Quickdraft offers distinct advantages in servicing its customers through engineering:

  • 70+ years of engineering experience
  • Significant investment and training in the newest technology
  • Focused new product development
  • Emphasis on providing complete, cost-effective engineered solutions

From the time of initial inquiry and throughout the design phase of an order, our engineers search Quickdraft’s digital JOB HISTORY DATABASE by a variety of application-specific criteria to ensure that the appropriate equipment is quoted. This database allows us to take full advantage of our long history of providing engineered systems to our customers.


As part of the engineering design phase of any project, Quickdraft’s engineers use a proprietary DESIGN PROGRAM. Our proprietary program allows the operator to both mathematically and graphically ‘model’ the specific system and obtain the desired flows, static pressures and velocities. The program allows for real-time interactive constraint changes to try various design options and EVALUATE THE RAMIFICATIONS OF EACH CHANGE for the best customer solution.


3D Scanning
At Quickdraft we bring 3D scanning into the job process. It allows us to take field measurements quicker, safer and more accurately. We then convert those scans into 3D models and 2D plans from which we design. If you have 3D scanning needs beyond the current job scope, we can offer 3D scanning services to other areas at your facility for future Quickdraft projects and help to avoid the additional cost of a future field take off. Quickdraft could also convert those scans or any other scans that you may need, so you can provide them to other contractors doing projects in your facilities.


Quickdraft uses 3D Autodesk Inventor® for our standard DRAWING PACKAGE. The use of 3D models for general arrangement approval drawings allows both the Quickdraft engineer and our customer to better visualize the relationship between our equipment and existing space constraints. The 3D model can be rotated in space and various section views can easily verify clearances as compared to 2D drawings that require each view to be drawn separately.


Once a specific sized part has been MODELED IN 3D, the necessary manufacturing drawings can be completed much faster upon subsequent applications. We can be certain it will be fabricated correctly and function as designed.


The necessary information for the LASER burn table is more accurately and readily available from the 3D model used in the general arrangement APPROVAL DRAWINGS. The drawing package provided to our customers is complete and easy to understand and often reduces time required for system installation.


Quickdraft continues to further improve its existing equipment offerings as well as develop new products to meet our customers’ needs using the latest technology. For example, we have used COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS to mathematically model and improve our eductor design.


We have also invested significant resources into new product development, including trim cutters and demisters, and are continually striving to improve our products as well as find new opportunities to utilize them to our customers’ benefit. Our spacious facility allows us to test any application to ensure that it will work flawlessly in the field.


Quickdraft’s 58,000 square foot manufacturing facility was designed and organized for lean manufacturing. We specialize in the fabrication of equipment made of carbon and stainless steel.


The addition of TruLaser 1030, a fabrication laser, HAS SLICED QUICKDRAFT’S CUTTING TIME IN HALF, reducing customer cost and further improving delivery lead times. Using the laser to cut un-foldable 3D AutoCAD Inventor® modeled components achieves these time and cost savings through eliminating the need for labor, parts cleanup and the inclusion of computer-generated layout markings on the parts.


Quickdraft’s welding personnel are certified in AWS D1.1-2004 structural steel and AWS D18.1-99 stainless sanitary. Thorough cross training of shop personnel is a critical component of Quickdraft’s manufacturing capabilities. It allows us to simultaneously manage the fabrication of multiple orders, regardless of size, in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Thermal Imaging
Quickdraft provides Thermal Imaging services. Thermal Imaging can show temperature differences in pipework, duct runs and even loose electrical connections. It can also predict future failures (predictive maintenance) by showing the temperatures of bearings in a motor. During start up and system evaluations, Quickdraft can inform you of the temperatures that you are running in our system. If you have diagnostic needs that can include Thermal Imaging beyond Quickdraft equipment, we offer imaging services that you can use to diagnose other equipment or processes.


Control of our own manufacturing and significant investment in supporting technology allows our skilled fabricators to deliver our high quality equipment on a timely basis.

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