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All-Negative Aluminum Conveying


The Aluminum Association

Get all the benefits of our virtually maintenance free Venturi system with the minimum possible operating horse power with our new all-negative conveying system.

Our new system is capable of conveying 30,000 pounds of aluminum scrap per hour over 700 feet to the material discharge point.

A vacuum is created by one or more blowers, determined by the requirements of the system: length, loading and piece size.

Each system is custom designed to the customer’s need. Take a look at how it all works in the video below or contact us to learn if our systems are right for your business. 

The system vacuums the material into a large chamber or separator, where the air velocity is dramatically reduced and the material falls out of the conveying air stream.  The conveying air continues to be pulled from the chamber and exhausted either through a filter or directly to atmosphere.

This challenge was solved with material accumulation drop legs under the separator, including a series of dampers which allows the material to fall into the accumulation leg, then seals the system vacuum while allowing the accumulated material to drop into a trailer or other container.

The vacuum is created by one or more blowers, the selection depends upon the customer’s support structure’s ability to handle the static and dynamic load as well as maximum motor horsepower preference.

Quickdraft can provide components to reduce material size and configuration in order to maximize the loose weight density in the trailers hauling the material to the recycler. In-house trials have demonstrated a 40% density improvement between size reducing units.

The system can also be designed to help segregate different metals and alloys in order to maximize the value of the recyclable material.

Quickdraft does not promote a one size fits all solution, we want to understand your requirements and design the system that meets the  needs of each specific automotive, aircraft or other recycling operation that is interested in maximizing their return on recycled material.


 All-Negative Aluminum Conveying

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