Processing precooked bacon products can be a messy, greasy job. Our Venturi Eductor draws moist air, grease and bacon particulate from the microwave cooking application to greatly reduce heat, fog and grease build up in the production room. We use our Demister Filtration Vessel to filter the exhaust of grease and particulate using an efficient three step process (centrifugal separator, wet scrubber and specialized filter pad). For very heavy grease applications such as vacuum transfer tables, we add a Velocity Reduction Chamber to act as a pre-filter before the demister, capturing most of the very heavy grease flow. Along with our Exhaust and Exhaust Filtration equipment, Quickdraft can also supply complete exhaust duct systems, controls and Water Recirculation Systems to reduce water usage.



Fresh Mark is a long-standing, local customer of Quickdraft. This nationwide supplier of bacon, ham and other specialty meat items is one of the largest privately owned companies in the industry, and has been serving its customers since 1920.


Fresh Mark had difficulty exhausting grease-laden air in its bacon division. The exhaust’s high temperature and high humidity adversely affected fan bearing life, and grease particulates adhered to fan propellers, throwing them out of balance and seriously damaging fans. Grease also got carried over from the microwave lines, then stuck to the roof, causing substantial damage and requiring the roof to be replaced every few years. These repairs were costly and cut into production time. The customer also required an exhaust solution that required very little space on the production floor.


Quickdraft installed a Venturi Exhauster and custom grease demister for Fresh Mark. The Venturi system has no moving parts in the airstream, and the unit’s fan handles only uncontaminated ambient air, so the past problems of fan damage were eliminated. Additionally, the bulk of the grease is captured in an exclusive multi-layer filter element, and an internal wash-down spraying system helps to pull bacon grease down through the drain. The units also are tied to the microwave oven controls, allowing the units to start and stop in conjunction with the oven’s operation.


Fresh Mark immediately noticed improved efficiency with their system, including:

  • 99% efficiency for particulate 10 micron and greater
  • 75% efficiency for 2-3 micron particulate
  • Better overall performance in the microwave line
  • Greatly reduced maintenance time
  • Clean, undamaged roof

These results, along with the peace of mind in knowing that their system worked and would not damage their building, helped Fresh Mark continue delivering top quality product to their customers.

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