EPS Bead

Quickdraft provides eductor units and complete pneumatic systems to convey expandable polystyrene beads without the damage an in-line material handling fan can cause. The beads are gently pulled from the hopper at the expander by negative pressure and discharged with light positive pressure into the storage container, dispensing bag or hopper. The conveying air volume and duct size is selected to achieve your desired material flow rate.



Expandable polystyrene (EPS) beads are tiny plastic beads that many plastic product manufacturers use in injection molding machines. Many plastic products utilize EPS beads in the manufacturing process. Quickdraft has worked with customers across the US to develop Venturi eductor systems to efficiently and seamlessly convey EPS beads.


When working with these tiny plastic beads, it all begins with an expander, which makes the beads. The beads are discharged from one end of the expander, drop down into an air conveying system and are conveyed pneumatically through ducting to a large storage silo. A secondary system then conveys the beads from the storage silo to multiple hoppers at the front of injection molding machines.

In this process, not only do the beads need to be conveyed seamlessly from start to finish, they must be conveyed without damage or trauma, which can change the density of the bead. Any damage or density change to the beads can affect the end product, which can result in weaknesses or defects.


Many times, manufacturers will convey EPS beads with an inline fan. The beads must then pass through the impeller of the fan unit, often resulting in damage to the product.

A Quickdraft Venturi eductor eliminates the problems caused by an inline fan. With no moving parts in the conveying duct, there is no need for the beads to pass through a fan impeller and risk damage. Plus, Quickdraft Venturi eductors are virtually maintenance free, which means no costly downtime or wasted man hours.


Our customers continually report that Quickdraft Venturi systems work seamlessly with their manufacturing processes. They appreciate that there is little to no maintenance or repair time needed for the unit, and that their product is conveyed correctly, without damage, through their manufacturing process.

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