Film Extrusion

Film extrusion is an integral process in the production and packaging of thousands of consumer products. From trash bags to cellophane stretch wrap to the plastic used to wrap dress shirts, film extrusion manufacturers run a 24/7/365 operation to produce product for hundreds of industries. The Quickdraft Venturi exhauster is an excellent solution to vent the exhaust air that contains sticky particulate from vacuum boxes on extrusion film lines.



One Quickdraft customer is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance plastics and rubber processing equipment, extrusion technology and converting systems. Quickdraft has worked closely with this customer over the years to develop effective exhaust solutions for the systems they engineer.


Film extrusion is a large-scale process that requires a large amount of equipment and space. Essentially, manufacturers take hot, molten plastic and convert it into thin, solid sheeting, which entails careful handling, a cooling process and constant air exhaust.

After the plastic is cooled into a sheet, it is pulled onto a cooling roll through a vacuum box. Most exhausted air volume is ambient room air, but the system will also pull in “sticky particulate” from the plastic sheeting. With an in-line exhaust fan, this particulate sticks on exposed fan parts and impellers, which will cause imbalance in the unit and require frequent maintenance and repair.


Quickdraft Venturi exhausters use no moving parts in the air stream, so any sticky particulate is simply exhausted through the stack. Film extrusion original equipment manufacturers incorporate our exhausters onto each system they manufacture, thereby eliminating maintenance issues or costly downtime for their customers.


In a fast-paced industry where equipment breakdown can cause serious negative impact to the bottom, using exhausters that work effectively while also virtually eliminating maintenance is a smart solution.

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