Food Safety and Sanitary Design

Quickdraft pneumatic food conveying systems are designed with food safety in mind from step one. There are no moving parts to come in contact with food products: the system blower (as well as moving parts) are located out of the conveying air stream, further eliminating any risk of bacterial cross contamination. Comprised of stainless steel, the conveying ducts won’t corrode and can withstand daily cleanings using cleaning/sanitation solutions. We work with each plant and their on-site staff to accommodate their custom sanitation solution, from steam sterilization to clean-in-place (CIP) cleaning to manual cleaning via an easily disassembled system that also allows for easy inspection. With over 65 years of experience, Quickdraft is equipped to meet the highest edible food standards, including the American Meat Institute.



Our long standing customer, Maple Leaf, is the largest meat processor in Canada. Maple Leaf combined several operations into one large, facility. With so many key operations under one roof, both efficiency and food safety is paramount in keeping this manufacturer at the top of their field.


In Maple Leaf’s deli meat processing department, they had a specific need to transfer the discarded outer plastic casing on the deli meats without using manpower (a food safety issue), or causing delays in processing. They knew they did not want to use an older, canister based system design, where canisters have to be shut down while the discarded casings are emptied by operators. With food safety as a top priority for this company, it was imperative that this particular operation was as smooth, seamless and sanitary as possible, with minimal labor cost.


Quickdraft installed three Venturi systems which includes four blowers and ball valves that can individually shut the processing line down if needed. We designed the entire system to be highly automated, reducing the need for individual manpower, which further reduces the risk of introducing harmful pathogens to the area. The system is also designed so that it can be cleaned in place. Our system requires very little maintenance, since there are no moving parts in the conveying duct. Furthermore, any need for canisters or carts–a food safety risk–are completely eliminated with this system.


Our customer is pleased to have eliminated this within their facility. They are able to use personnel in other areas to run the plant while this key operation is highly automated, computerized and mechanized, drastically increasing overall food safety and efficiency.

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