For high-temperature conditions, when maintenance and safety considerations are paramount, the Quickdraft Venturi exhauster is an excellent choice to vent heat and dust from kiln exhaust systems. With no moving parts in the exhaust stream, maintenance is practically eliminated, and we offer custom solutions such as special flanges that easily fit industry pipe sizes. In addition, our blowers can be resized to perform at high elevation applications.



FLSmidth is a longtime customer of Quickdraft, with our first exhaust system sold to the company in 1997. This company supplies the mineral and cement industries worldwide with everything from engineering, equipment, and support services. As a leader in mineral and mining, FLSmidth often needs custom exhaust solutions for its equipment.


High-temperature kilns are often used in mineral and mining. These conditions are not conducive to inline fans with blower wheels or bearings in the air stream. Maintenance issues arise when the exhaust particulate from the kiln builds up on an inline blower wheel and thereby throws it out of balance. Costly hours are spent cleaning and realigning these moving components, in addition to the safety issues that arise when working in these high-heat conditions.


FLSmidth needed an exhaust solution for its kilns that had no moving parts in the exhaust stream and could be customized for its many operations throughout the world. Quickdraft placed Venturi exhausters—which have no moving parts in the exhaust stream—on the kilns, virtually eliminating maintenance and costly down time.

We also supply special flanges on the Venturi (eductor) to mate easily with the pipe that is typically used in this industry. Our blowers can be resized for 50 hz operation and/or at high elevations up to 18,000 feet.


FLSmidth regularly turns to Quickdraft for its exhaust needs. Our long-standing relationship with this customer means we continue to provide virtually maintenance free, custom exhaust solutions for an industry that is known for its harsh environments and conditions.

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