Lime Slaker

The Quickdraft Venturi exhauster is an excellent choice to vent steam and dust from lime slaker exhaust systems. The Venturi has an unobstructed exhaust flow path and the motor and blower assembly is completely out of the exhaust air stream. With no moving parts internal to the Venturi they provide excellent service life with virtually no maintenance. Our units are used extensively by most original equipment slaker manufacturers and have been the preferred choice by OEM’s for more than 20 years.



Many water treatment and pollution control applications use the process of lime slaking to produce calcium oxide, which is then converted into calcium hydroxide. First, calcium carbonate is fired in a kiln to produce quicklime (calcium oxide). Then, a lime slaker is utilized to convert quicklime into slaked or hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide).


The slaking process combines quicklime and water, resulting in an exothermic reaction where heat and steam are released. This heat and steam—which also contains dust particles from the quicklime–must be exhausted from the process safely and without damage to the exhaust system.

But this steam and dust exhaust is detrimental to inline exhaust fans where blower wheels and bearings are in the airstream. Maintenance issues arise with inline exhaust fans because the exhaust particulate quickly builds up on the inline blower wheel and throws it out of balance, resulting in costly downtime.


Quickdraft Venturi exhausters have no moving parts in the exhaust airstream, virtually eliminating maintenance and down time. Our exhausters are supplied by most slaker manufacturers as the preferred choice to vent the steam in applications worldwide.

With our Venturi exhauster, the steam and dust are pulled into and through an eductor tube that has an unobstructed flow path and the fan assembly is completely out of the flow path of the exhausted steam and dust. Quickdraft exhausters are designed for 24/7 operation and can be custom designed for use with a 50 Hz power supply or use at high elevations.


Most slaker manufacturers and end users turn to Quickdraft for their exhaust needs. They know our systems provide continuous, trouble free exhaust solutions for an application that is known for its harsh environment and conditions.

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