Parts Washers/Evaporators

The Quickdraft Venturi exhauster is an excellent choice to vent steam from parts washers and wastewater evaporation systems. With our Quickdraft Venturi exhauster, the steam or exhaust gas is pulled into and through our Venturi. The Venturi has an unobstructed exhaust flow path and the motor and blower assembly is completely out of the exhaust air stream. With no moving parts internal to the Quickdraft Venturi, our exhaust systems provide excellent service life with virtually no maintenance. Our units can also be used to vent the products of combustion from the burner exhaust stack on these units.



For businesses using parts washer systems, applications can vary widely from small parts to engine blocks. Hot water, detergent and heavy-duty solvent are often used for this wet, dirty job.


As parts washers operate, steam, moisture and solvents (which can be harsh) begin to affect the surrounding environment. Removing this moisture with an exhaust system that has an inline fan can result in heavy, ongoing maintenance. Fan parts corrode or collect build-up. Many times, the fan needs replaced entirely, which can result in costly downtimes and added expense.


We developed smaller, 6-12 inch diameter units with our Venturi system to tackle parts washer and evaporator exhaust. With no moving parts in the exhaust path, there is little to no ongoing maintenance which keeps our venturi exhauster free of corrosion, damage or detergent buildup and ensures 100% uptime.


Customers with parts washers choose our Venturi exhaust systems to avoid high cost maintenance and downtime. They also appreciate that the systems are custom designed to be installed indoors while still providing access to the motor assembly. Our units can be roof-mounted if so desired.

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