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Food Safety






Ensuring food safety during the conveying process is our top priority.

Quickdraft pneumatic food conveying systems are designed with food safety in mind from step one. Our systems are custom designed to suit your product needs, which means your Quickdraft system is ideally suited for easy on-site cleaning, sanitation and inspection.

Additional benefits of the Quickdraft pneumatic conveying system are that there are no moving parts to come in contact with food products: the system blower (as well as moving parts) is located out of the conveying air stream, further eliminating any risk of bacterial cross contamination. Plus, our food conveying system design ensures that any area touched by the product also comes in contact with the cleaning/sanitation solutions.

The Quickdraft pneumatic conveying system is comprised of stainless steel conveying ducts, which means ducts won’t corrode and can withstand daily cleanings using cleaning/sanitation solutions.

Since each conveying system is configured to meet a manufacturing plant’s unique specifications, so are the cleaning procedures for that plant. We work with each plant and their on-site staff to accommodate their custom sanitation solution, from steam sterilization to clean-in-place (CIP) cleaning to manual cleaning via an easily disassembled system.

Our systems are unlike mechanical systems, which need to be taken apart to be cleaned thoroughly. Also, mechanical systems, bins or totes are labor intensive and are open to the opportunity for cross contamination as the product is exposed. Our systems are in use by major food producers throughout the U.S.

Regardless of your plant’s specific application, our pneumatic systems quickly transport food products with minimal “touch points,” ensuring safety at every step of the food conveying process and the ability to accommodate a broad range of edible products.

With nearly 60 years of experience, Quickdraft is equipped to meet the highest edible food standards, including the American Meat Institute.

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