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Paper Mill Conveying

Quickdraft has been the leading supplier of high speed paper machine winder edge trim collection systems since the early 60’s. Very few paper mills do not have one of our systems. Quickdraft paper machine winder trim systems are designed to provide our paper mill customers with those features they desire they most; durability and reliability. Paper mills don’t shut down and neither do Quickdraft winder trim removal systems. Quickdraft had developed systems over the years with the ability to keep up with ever increasing winder speeds and increased winder flexibility. Using our Venturi eductor conveying systems and specially designed, precision balanced, highly durable blowers, we have the ability to convey edge trims at line speeds of over 8,500 fpm, and edge trim widths of over 12” per trim. In addition, we have developed the experience and expertise to design and provide the correct equipment to transition from the machinery of the winder into our edge trim removal equipment. This includes air lubricated intakes and guide plates to control and stabilize trim at high speeds and special intake supports, bleed in valves, and intake positioning systems to meet width flexibility needs. At the discharge of our systems, we have developed a number of features to reduce or eliminate air and dust discharge into the pulper including low profile air separators, air retractor systems, discharge relief sections and spray nozzle systems. The ultimate in paper machine edge trim systems is our QuickVac All Negative Wet Separator, which eliminates all of the most typical problems associated with edge trim discharge into a paper machine dry end pulper. Quickdraft conveying systems are designed with the understanding of the environment of a paper mill. We use heavier gauge construction and more durable components vs. competing systems.  


Production Reliable Paper Edge Trim Conveying

  • Venturi eductor design means that the edge trim will never pass through a moving component
  • Systems are guaranteed to perform as specified
  • Built for your specific requirement, there are no ‘pre-packaged’ solutions
  • Blowers are precision balanced and extremely heavy duty to withstand the mill environment
  • Ducting is heavy gauge and typically made at Quickdraft to ensure high quality, durability and elimination of leading edges and snag points that could cause system plugs
  • Velocity control systems regulate system suction based on winder speed, preventing trim tearing and high noise during thread up or ramp up of the winder and generally improving slit quality
  • Air lubricated intake hoods and guide plates allow edge trim to be controlled and stabilized at very high speeds, even if a sharp 90 degree bend is needed for horizontal slitting configurations
  • Decades of experience allow us to provide the correct system solution and configuration the first time

Maintenance Friendly to meet Paper Mill Demands

  • Minimal maintenance is required for reliable operation
  • Design allows for maintenance access as required
  • Turbo blowers are direct drive with no belts or sheaves
  • Elimination of moving components in the material flow path means elimination of most maintenance problems
  • Minimal preventative maintenance is required for reliable operation
  • Detailed maintenance and operation manuals are provided
  • Systems are designed to allow maintenance access for critical components
  • Durable construction means a system that requires less attention from the maintenance staff


  • Systems available for chopped and continuous trim
  • Sound reduction equipment is available to meet mill requirements
  • Various types of dust collection systems are available including cyclonic and wet scrubber dust collectors
  • Systems eliminate operator interaction with edge trimmings and scrap
  • Controls are available that can be integrated with plant control systems

File Downloads

  1. PDFs:
    1. Trim Handling Units
    2. QuickVac Trim Conveying System
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