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Rubber Scrap Conveying Systems

The Quickdraft rubber scrap conveying system captures and conveys scrap rubber trim, chip, shredded tires or other forms of scrap from your machines and continuously discharges them to a waste container. Our solution incorporates design principles learned through our full range of conveying systems to specifically address concerns vital to the rubber industry such as production reliable and maintenance friendly operations.

Production Reliable Rubber Trim Scrap Conveying

  • The rubber scraps are immediately conveyed out of the slitting area to a scrap container or compactor typically located outside of the building
  • There are no moving parts that come into contact with the scrap providing for a clean flow path without obstructions
  • The blower is located out of the conveying air stream
  • Systems are guaranteed to perform as specified
  • Built for your specific requirement, there are no ‘pre-packaged’ solutions
  • Blowers are precision balanced and extremely heavy duty to withstand the mill environment
  • Ducting is heavy gauge and typically made at Quickdraft to ensure high quality, durability and elimination of leading edges and snag points that could cause system plugs
  • Decades of experience allow us to provide the correct system solution and configuration the first time

Maintenance Friendly Rubber Chip Conveying

  • Since the blower does not come into contact with the scrap material, there is very little maintenance required
  • There are fewer spare parts required for the conveying equipment
  • Design allows for maintenance access as required
  • Minimal preventative maintenance is required for reliable operation
  • Detailed maintenance and operation manuals are provided
  • Systems are designed to allow maintenance access for critical components
  • Durable construction means a system that requires less attention from the maintenance staff

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